The Cancer Immune Atlas for a better understanding of the Tumor and TME

A program applicable to any tumor indication

The Cancer Immune Atlas

With the Cancer Immune Atlas in a selected indication, the sophisticated information provided will enable you to improve understanding of a given tumor, through the comprehensive characterization of a representative patients' samples cohort, in order to understand the tumors and immune contextures diversity, and support future diagnostics and treatments developments.

The Cancer Immune Atlas is based on the use of HalioDx proprietary assays & advanced technologies to produce statistically and biologically significant conclusions from large data sets of multiple  biomarkers:

  • Applicable to any tumor indication
  • Compare multiple indications to enable selection for clinical trials
  • Could be standardized against a reference dataset (i.e. colon cancer)
  • Could be used to define an Immunogram

We are working on documented clinical cases coming from:

  • Academic cohorts (collaborative framework)
  • Partner Clinical Trial samples
  • Vendors

The Cancer Immune Atlas allows analysis of single cases and continuous accrual of the data set.

ATLAS &  Immunogram:
Capture the complexity of the tumor immune contexture



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