What can HalioDx do for you?

What can HalioDx do for you?

To address the needs of Biopharmas, HalioDx has developed the Immunogram, a clinical research platform allowing multimodal analysis to understand the tumor microenvironment. It integrates Immunoscore® assays, innovative technologies like Multiplex Spatial Tissue Analysis (Brightplex®) and molecular testing (NGS, Immunosign® Gene Expression Signatures).

The Immunogram® is a customizable tool enabling to picture the relevant biomarkers and phenotypes in order to provide a 360° view on the tumor immune contexture.

Such an offering is increasingly sought after by Biopharmas to assess and guide their immunotherapies clinical programs and predict patients’ response to immunotherapies.

  • Develop your Biomarker strategy,
  • Help identifying responders to ICI,
  • Monitor changes in immune response in your clinical trials and
  • Conduct the development of companion diagnostic tests.

HalioDx strong expertise and compliant capabilities & processes permit to successfully develop CDx tests for a co-registration to the FDA.

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