HalioDx The Immune Response

to Cancer Diagnostics

Immuno-oncology diagnostic transforms the way cancer patients are managed today

The complexity of the immune response to tumors calls for intensifying and combining academic and industry efforts to better understand the biology of the immune response to cancers and provide validated assays for patients.

Thanks to the pioneering work of HalioDx co-founder Jerôme Galon and its INSERM team at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers in Paris, HalioDx is at the forefront of Immuno-oncology diagnostics with a range of tools and a rich pipeline of proprietary immuno-oncology diagnostic applications such as Immunoscore®.

As an expert in immune biomarkers, HalioDx goal is to play a leading role in partnering with academic and pharmaceutical industry to leverage the immune contexture concept and deliver practical routine diagnostic tools to significantly impact therapy prescription for the benefit of patients.

By precisely measuring the immune reaction in and around the tumor, HalioDx first tests already allow clinicians to determine the degree of severity of a patient’s disease and predict the response to treatment, regardless of the cancer stage or the molecular class.

We envision that the evaluation of the immune response to tumors will be the new diagnostic standard in Oncology:

  • To guide existing treatment options, as the Immune contexture of tumors largely determines patients' clinical outcome
  • To guide the development of single and combined immunotherapies as clinical response is intimately dependent upon tumor immune microenvironment status.


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