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Capture the complexity of the tumor immune contexture

Identifying the right therapy combination is more than ever a major challenge for clinical researchers and biopharmaceutical developers.

HalioDx provides a unique range of immune scoring assays to capture the complexity of the tumor immune contexture, a key determinant of patients’ outcomes and response to cancer treatment.

Conducted in a Research or GCP environment, these assays are part of IMMUNOGRAM*, a multi-parameter approach that offers a personalized and dynamic “fingerprint” of tumor-immune system interaction.

By combining IMMUNOSCORE® expertise with advanced technologies, HalioDx delivers high-added value data and analysis to understand tumor immune contexture, identify patients more likely to respond to therapy, characterize biomarkers of treatment response or resistance, foster the development of robust assays (CTAs, CDx).

IMMUNOGRAM can be customized and used either in prospective and retrospective settings or in translational research studies.

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* Adapted from Blank CU. et al., Science (2016)

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Poster on Immunogram by HalioDx presented at AACR 2019 annual meeting

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