IMMUNOGRAM* for Clinical research Standardize, quantify and integrates the key biomarkers of the immune contexture

A unique range of immune scoring assays

Immunogram is a clinical research platform allowing multimodal analysis to understand the tumor microenvironment. It integrates Immunoscore® assays, innovative technologies like Multiplex Spatial Tissue Analysis (Brightplex®) and molecular testing (NGS, Immunosign® Gene Expression Signatures) .
The Immunogram® is a customizable tool enabling to picture the relevant biomarkers and phenotypes in order to provide a 360° view on the tumor immune contexture.

Immunogram can include several of our assays:

  • Immunoscore®  for T cells, T cells exhaustion and suppressor cells
  • Immunosign®
  • Tumor Mutational Burden
  • T cell Receptor diversity
  • MSI
  • Key Drivers Mutations
  • Integration / normalization of the biomarker landscape

Easy customization to include your biomarker of interest.

All assays are amenable to clinical trial assays and companion diagnostics

* Adapted from Blank CU. et al., Science (2016)

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