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Immunoscore® family assays

Immunoscore® is an in vitro diagnostic test predicting the risk of relapse in early stage colon cancer patients, by measuring the host immune response at the tumor site. This test can be ordered by oncologists for their patients for a better disease management.

Immunoscore ® IC is an assay for the detection of PD-L1 protein and the concomitant detection of CD8 + cells in Non-Small Cell Lung cancer (NSCLC) tissue.

HalioDx range of Cancer Diagnostics

CLIA & CE/IVD results

With Two CLIA Labs, one in Europe (Marseille), and one in US (Richmond), we deliver CLIA & CE-IVD Immunoscore® results to patients worldwide.

HalioDx Inc. | 737N 5th Street | Richmond | Virginia 23219 |USA

  • CLIA n° 49D2159558
  • CLIA for California n° COS 00800961
  • CLIA for Maryland n° 2983
  • CLIA for Pennsylvania n° 36968
  • CLIA for Rhode Island n° LCO01317

HalioDx | Luminy Biotech Entreprises 163 Avenue de Luminy | 13288 Marseille Cedex 9 | FRANCE

  • CLIA n° 99D2131292
  • CLIA for California n° COS 00800828
  • CLIA for Maryland n° 2730
  • CLIA for Pennsylvania n° 35816

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