Testimonial: Dr Juan Manuel O’Connor (Instituto Alexander Fleming in Buenos Aires, Argentina) on the use of Immunoscore in routine practice in managing early Colon Cancer

Webinar: Evaluating Biomarkers During Clinical Trials for Immunotherapies. A Case Study on the Pioneer Project

2’ to learn more about HalioDx | Vincent Fert, President & CEO

HalioDx presentation and the company's activities during COVID 19 Pandemic

Who are HalioDx solutions designed for? | Vincent Fert, President & CEO

2’ to learn more Series

Franck Pagès, MD, PhD, on Selecting Patients With Advanced Colon Cancer for Treatment

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Webinar: Capturing the Complexity of the Tumor Microenvironment | Jérôme Galon, PhD & Jacques Fieschi, PhD

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Immunoscore® Colon Symposium - June 1, 2018, Chicago | Jérôme Galon, PhD

Jérôme Galon, PhD, presenting the international validation of Immunoscore® Colon for the classification of colon cancer

Immunoscore® Colon Symposium - June 1, 2018, Chicago | Stanley Hamilton, MD

Stanley Hamilton, MD, opening the symposium dedicated to Immunoscore® Colon clinical utility and its role in early stage colon cancer patients’ management.

Immunoscore® Colon Symposium - June 1, 2018, Chicago | Discussion on clinical cases

Discussion on clinical cases with David Malka, MD, PhD & Marc Van Den Eynde, MD, PhD

Jérôme Galon, winner for the European Inventor Award 2019 for Immunoscore®
Discover HalioDx - Reportage by Grand Luminy Technopole - April 2017
Webinar Biomarker Evaluation for CAR T-Cell Therapy: Impact on Drug Development

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Webinar on Brightplex®: Combining the power of multiplexing & the ease of chromogenic IHC to assess complex immune phenotype

The replay of this webinar is available here.

Immunogram Clinical Seminar (Atlanta, April 2019) | Jérôme Galon, PhD

Approaches to treat immune hot, altered and cold tumors by Jérôme Galon, Research Director Inserm, Paris

Immunogram Clinical Seminar (Atlanta, April 2019) | Jacques Fieschi, PhD

Immunogram proof of concept on CRC samples by Jacques Fieschi, VP R&D HalioDx

HalioDX is part of the COLOSSUS project by performing Immunoscore and help stratification of difficult to treat mCRC patients with a final objective to Improve their management and treatment
Discover how Immunoscore® is predicting the risk of relapse in localized colon cancer in a short video
Dr Jerome Galon on the Prognostic Value of Immunoscore, Onclive - ASCO 2016
Webinar on “Clinical utility of Immunoscore® in colon cancer” with Marc Van Den Eynde, MD, PhD | October 17, 2017
Dr. Fakih Discusses the Utility of Immunoscore® in CRC

Extract of an interview by Cancer.fr of Professor Thierry André, on Immunoscore® in the IDEA France study (in French)

Webinar Immunoscore®: IDEA France study results in Stage III Colon Cancer - Sept. 19, 2019 | Franck Pagès, Eric Van Cutsem
Immunoscore® Webinar New data in Stage II Colon Cancer - March 21, 2019 | Jêrome Galon, PhD