IO SEQUENCING Maximum of data output from a single sample

From biomarker discovery to late stage clinical trials

From biomarker discovery to late stage clinical trials

Our IO sequencing pipeline provides you molecular data that can be analyzed along with other biomarkers from the IMMUNOGRAM portfolio, allowing a multiparametric approach and maximization of data output from a single sample.


Running a translational research project with a biomarker discovery approach?

Our versatile NGS pipeline fits perfectly your needs by providing a comprehensive molecular analysis of your samples:

  • Whole Exome
  • Whole Transcriptome
  • Single Cell
Willing to identify validated biomarkers in your Immunotherapy clinical trials?
  • Our Targeted NGS panel allows a more in-depth and precise molecular analysis of dedicated genes and signatures like TMB, MSI, TCR Clonality as well as Key oncogenes mutations.


TMBWES or Targeted panel
MSITargeted panel
TCR ClonalityTargeted panel
Key Drivers MutationsWES or Targeted panel

Our team is always at your disposal to help you finding the best solution adapted to your specific needs.



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