Halioseq Flexible NGS service solution

Tumor foreignness

Determine the probability of anti-tumor immune response (TMB)

HalioSeq, a NGS solution from HalioDx, proposed for biomarker discoveries allows whole exome sequencing to assess Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB) via a quantitative measure of the number of somatic mutations harbored by the tumor.

Increasing evidence indicates that higher levels of tumor mutations predict better responses to immunotherapies in different types of cancers (Snyder et al., 2014, Rizvi et al., 2015, Spigel et al., 2016).

It has been shown in independent cohorts that higher number of tumor mutations was associated with improved objective response to anti-PD-1 therapy and durable clinical benefit (Rizvi et al., 2015).

Other NGS services

Halioseq services give access to multiple platforms: Illumina Nextseq 500, 2 Illumina MiSeqDx, Qiagen GeneReader, and 10XGenomics Chromium™.

Halioseq offers complementary and comprehensive technics:

The Single Cell solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling from hundreds to thousands of cells

  • Identify new cell groups
  • Identify new molecular marker of cell groups : new molecular hallmark
  • Identify transitory states of a cell type
  • Visualize cell cycle kynetics
  • Identify new cell groups
  • Identify new marker, new differential expression profiles
  • Compare cell population structure:
    - before and after treatment
    - between patients responsive or not to treatment
    - between patients with different treatment strategies
  • Identify new makers for patient follow up
  • Monitor patient through treatment and after treatment
  • Monitor & identify Lymphocyte clonality:
    - between cancer/ infected group & reference group
    - between different compartments
    - pre & post treatment

Possible Applications:
New patient diagnostics, monitoring markers & tools



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