Halioseek® CR PD-L1/CD8

Absence of Checkpoints

Improve the predictive value of immune checkpoints biomarkers

Halioseek® CR PD-L1/CD8 utilizes standard immunohistochemistry enhanced with advanced image analysis to investigate performance in predicting the response to PD-1/PD-L1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors.

Halioseek® CR PD-L1/CD8 combines on a single slide accurate PD-L1 tumor expression assessment by a pathologist and an estimation of cytotoxic T cell infiltration. The assay is also supported by a proprietary high-resolution image analysis system and bioinformatics pipeline allowing accurate quantification of positive CD8+ cells and whole PD-L1+ cells (cells/mm²) and provide proximity assessment between the 2 cell populations (Monville F. et al., 2017).

Halioseek® is available and CE-IVD for NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer)  Please visit www.halioseek.com

Poster presented at AACR 2018

  • Halioseek® is a robust and reproducible assay leveraging the advantages of DP to combine TILs and PD-L1 assessment from  the same slide.
  • Halioseek® is equivalent to PD-L1 routine tests from independent laboratories in a clinical setting (OA > 92%).
  • The predictive performance of Halioseek® for the response to ICI needs to be further investigated in clinical studies.
  • Clinical studies are ongoing with Halioseek® PD-L1/CD8.
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