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This multiplexing proprietary approach has been extensively optimized and validated to deliver spatially resolved phenotypic imaging data in a robust way. It represent the future of our classical Immunoscore® singleplex test as we are continuously developing technological improvements.  We benefit from a highly experienced research team and key academic collaborations to reach this goal.   

Image analysis

Image analysisis a cornerstone of our Immunoscore®. We set-up our own Image analysis and software research and development team. We extensively utilize machine learning approaches to increase productivity, robustness and performances of our tests.

Brightfield Immunohistochemistry

This technologie is systematically utilized to benefit from robustness, standardization and the ease in  translation from research assays to clinical trial assays to regulated companion diagnostics. Our development team has developed and validated x assays since HalioDx inception. 

Molecular diagnostic

Molecular diagnosticis in our DNA as we benefit from 20 years in successful molecular diagnostic developments on multiple platforms from QPCR to NGS.


Depending on your project, our team is able to develop a customized assay/panel to respond to your need.

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