Immunoscore® for Clinical Research The next generation immunoscore® featured by spatially resolved phenotypic imaging data to mine the immune contexture

IMMUNOSCORE® for Clinical Research (CR)

Leverage HalioDx know how acquired with Immunoscore®, to propose an enhanced next generation Immunoscore® with multiplex and spatially resolved capabilities for clinical investigations.

  • Robust immunohistochemistry assays using standardized reagents
  • Classify tumors in hot/cold, exhausted/not exhausted and immunosuppressed/not immunosuppressed
  • Flexible multiplexing capabilities
  • Deliver spatially resolved phenotypic imaging data
  • Validated in several cancer types

A growing range of immune phenotypes are available:

  • T cells
  • T cells exhaustion
  • Suppressor cells (MDSC’s, T Reg, …)

Easy customization to include your biomarker of interest.

All assays are amenable to clinical trial assays and companion diagnostics.

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