MANAGEMENT HalioDx was founded by the former management team of Ipsogen

Management & Founders

HalioDx’s team holds combined expertise that spans over all the key activities of the diagnostic business, from Commercialization, Business Development, Market Access, Medical Affairs, R&D and Regulatory (US, EU, Japan, Australia).

Vincent Fert

Chairman & CEO

Former Vice President, Personalized Healthcare program Lead for Qiagen NV and CEO of QIAGEN Marseille

Former founder and CEO of Ipsogen

15+ years in IVD industry (Beckman Coulter)

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Corinne Danan

EVP, Partnerships BU

Former Vice President Head of Market Development Management EMEA for Qiagen NV

Former VP of Commercial Operations at Ipsogen

15+years in Pharma Industry (Eli Lilly)

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Stéphane Debono

EVP, Diagnostics BU

Former Senior Director Manufacturing MDx Europe for Qiagen NV

Former founder and COO of Ipsogen

15+ years in IVD industry

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Fabienne Hermitte, PhD

VP, Medical Affairs

Former Senior Director R&D and Regulatory Affairs at QIAGEN Marseille

Former founder of Ipsogen

15+ years in IVD industry

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Former Head of Project Management at QIAGEN Marseille

Former R&D group leader at Beckman-Coulter

15+ years in IVD industry

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Jérôme Galon, PhD

Consultant, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Specialized in the fields of immunology and cancer, Dr. Jérôme Galon, Research Director at Inserm, heads the laboratory of Integrative Cancer Immunology, Paris, France.

He received the William B. Coley Award, an international prize which honors the best scientists in fundamental and cancer immunology, for his research on the role of T cytotoxic cells in cancers.  Dr Galon received the European Inventor Award 2019 for Immunoscore®.

Jérôme Galon is a co-founder of HalioDx, and consultant and chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board.

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