NGS Clinical Research

A flexible service solution allowing access to top notch Next Generation Sequencing technologies applied to clinical Research

Scientific background

The power of high–throughput sequencing technologies is being mastered by scientists to address an increasingly diverse range of biological & clinical issues. The scale and efficiency of sequencing that can now be achieved is providing unprecedented progress in areas from the analysis of genomes themselves to their expression patterns and how proteins interact with nucleic acids.

Fields of application:

  • Oncology, Immunology, Genetic & Cellular Therapies
  • Other fields of application can be discussed with HalioDx

Key features

  • Sequencing technologies :
    • RNASeq
    • ExomeSeq
    • ChIPSeq
  • Single Cell technology
  • RNA/DNA extraction, quantification & qualification
  • Pre Amplification
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Bioinformatics and statistical analysis
  • Data storage

Our offer

  • HalioDx will help and support you at every step of your project, and will ensure the highest quality of data and service
  • Available either on Research or GCLP
  • Our Business development team is at your disposal to discuss with you and adjust to your needs

Other Research Services available: