Immunosign® Clinical Research

New Immune Gene Expression Signatures to investigate the immune response within the tumor environment

Scientific background

Tumors consist of a mixture of neoplastic epithelial cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, and immune cells, which collectively form the tumor microenvironment (Fridman et al., Nature Reviews Cancer 2012). The complex interplay between these cells including the type, density, location and immune functions, is implicated in disease progression, metastasis, and drug response/resistance and form the paradigm of the immune contexture (Galon J et al.  Science 2006).

Deciphering immune genes expression of the tumor micro environment provides insight on the immune functions orientation and has thus the potential to predict cancer immunotherapy interventions (E Wang et al., JCO 2013).


The Immunosign® CR assay leverages the nCounter® technology (Nanostring) to measure the gene expression level of multiple immune genes in a multiplex format.
The assay has been optimized for utilizing minimal amount of FFPE extracted RNA. Results are interpreted using our dedicated bioinformatics pipe line and software.
This assay is GCLP compliant and can be included in clinical trials. Please inquire


Key features

  • Immunosign® CR assay measures the expression level of multiple immune genes within the tumor microenvironment in a multiplex format
  • Immunosign® CR solution can be used to predict or assess treatment efficacy in clinical studies
  • Proof-of-concept for prognostic and predictive values of these selected immune genes have been obtained on retrospective cohorts of colorectal cancer patients and have been validated on several other cancer types (Galon et al. Immunity 2013, and personal communication)

Our offer

  • Immunosign® CR has been optimized to utilize a minimal amount of RNA extracted from FFPE tumor resections or biopsies
  • In-depth biostatistical analysis to investigate predictive and prognostic value
  • Available either on Research or GCLP
  • Our Business development team is at your disposal to discuss with you and adjust to your needs



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