Immunoscore® Clinical Research

Investigate Immune Contexture of human tumors in your clinical projects

Scientific background

Tumors consist of a mixture of neoplastic epithelial cells, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, myofibroblasts, and immune cells, which collectively form the tumor microenvironment. The association of immune cell infiltrates with prognosis, in various types of cancer, has been demonstrated in a large number of publications (see Nature Reviews Cancer 2012, Fridman et al.). The complex interplay between these cells including the type, density, location and immune functions, is implicated in disease progression, metastasis, and drug response/resistance and form the paradigm of the immune contexture (Galon J et al.  Science 2006).


The Immunoscore® CR assay measures the density of two T lymphocyte populations: CD8+ cytotoxic T cells and CD3+ T cells.
The assay is performed on FFPE tissue either from tumor resections or tumor biopsies by combining immunohistochemistry with a high-resolution image analysis system.
This assay, validated on multiple tumor types, is GCLP compliant and can be included in clinical trials. Please inquire

Key features

  • Immunoscore® CR measures the densities of tumor-infiltrating CD3 and CD8 cells with an automated quantification system
  • Immunoscore® CR requires two 4 µm FFPE slides from biopsy or surgical resections
  • It provides key information about adaptive immunity to human tumors
  • It is a sensitive, robust and standardized assay that can be applied in clinical trials in compliance with the GCLP
  • Immunoscore® key technology components have been developed to comply with companion diagnostic design control requirements (EU, USA) 

Our offer

  • Immunoscore® CR is validated in multiple cancers (please inquire)
  • Available either on Research or GCLP
  • Our Business development team is at your disposal to discuss with you and adjust to your needs



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