Clinical Research A new class of Immuno-Oncology Scoring Services

for academic, clinical centers and biopharmaceutical companies

Why Immuno-Oncology Scoring Solutions ?

Identifying the right patient/therapy combination is a major challenge for healthcare professionals.

HalioDx immuno-oncology (IO) scoring solutions are designed to better understand the mechanism of action, to define surrogate end points and to identify patients more likely to respond, regardless of the mechanism of action of drug candidates.

The parameters used in IO scoring

HalioDx proposes Immunoscore®, Halioseek™ and Immunosign® clinical research services to academic, clinical centers and biopharmaceutical companies who want to test clinical research cohorts.

To support your studies, HalioDx’s expertise enables to generate and analyze data from different tumor tissues in research, CLIA or GCLP environment enabling the submission of generated data to regulatory agencies.