Halioseq Look for flexible NGS service solution

to help clinical strategies & decisions for immunotherapies

Halioseq services give access to multiple platforms: Illumina Nextseq 500, 2 Illumina MiSeqDx, Qiagen GeneReader, and 10XGenomics Chromium™.

Halioseq offers complementary and comprehensive technics:

The Single Cell solution provides a comprehensive, scalable solution for cell characterization and gene expression profiling from hundreds to thousands of cells

  • Identify new cell groups
  • Identify new molecular marker of cell groups : new molecular hallmark
  • Identify transitory states of a cell type
  • Visualize cell cycle kynetics
  • Identify new cell groups
  • Identify new marker, new differential expression profiles
  • Compare cell population structure:
    • before and after treatment
    • between patients responsive or not to treatment
    • between patients with different treatment strategies
  • Identify new makers for patient follow up
  • Monitor patient through treatment and after treatment
  • Monitor & identify Lymphocyte clonality:
    • Between cancer/ infected group & reference group
    • Between different compartments
    • Pre & post treatment

Possible Applications:
New patient diagnostics, monitoring markers & tools

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