STRATEGY Immuno-Oncology:

A New Diagnostic Market Segment With High-Added Value


As a recently recognized hallmark of cancer (D. Hanahan; RA. Weinberg; Cell 144 , March 4, 2011), the immune system plays a major role in the multistep development of human tumors. Immune-based therapies are emerging in the clinical practice and represent now one of the main spotlights for the biotech and pharma industry.

There are today more than 500 open immunotherapy trials ( with a number of different strategies from check point inhibitors, as single agent or combined together or with other standard therapies, to cell therapies and vaccines approaches. The first immunotherapies approved have all in common an efficacy restricted to only a small subset of patients. This drawback impacts the drug development process and ultimately the overall economic equation when the drug reaches the market.

HalioDx anticipates a bright future for immune-oncology diagnostics which provide the relevant clinical information such as:

  • How the patient immune system controls its tumor evolution?
  • How patient immune response evolves under treatment?
  • Which immunotherapy will be the most efficacious while minimizing toxicity?

HalioDx believes that measuring selected biomarkers shaping the “Immune Contexture” of tumors (Fridman WH et al. Nature Reviews Cancer 12, 298-306) such as immune cells and molecular immune effectors will maximize the potential of standards therapies and immunotherapies for the benefit of patients and national health systems.

Biomarker stratification provides:

  • A better understanding of the immune contexture dynamics of each patient
  • A sound rationale to select the most efficient immunotherapy approach
  • A precise selection of patients responding to immunotherapies

HalioDx utilizes a proprietary set of Immune biomarkers, advanced image analysis technologies and a unique know-how to develop, manufacture and commercialize immune-based diagnostics services and products.

HalioDx strategy:

  • Developing Immunoscore® Colon as a standard in the management of stage II and III colon cancer patients affecting more than 200 000 patients in the EU and US.
  • Expanding Immunoscore® and related assays to other cancer types with a potential market close up to a million tests annually.
  • Empowering Pharma Companies  with a comprehensive biomarker portfolio and technologies with the aim of co-developing companion diagnostics for a strong unmet medical need.