HalioDx The Immune Response

to Cancer Diagnostics


By precisely measuring the immune reaction in and around the tumor, HalioDx tests allow the clinician to determine the degree of severity of the patient’s disease and predict the response to treatment, regardless of the cancer stage or the molecular class.

We envision that the evaluation of the immune response to tumors will be the new diagnostic standard in Oncology:

  • To guide existing treatment options, as the Immune contexture of tumors largely determine patients clinical outcome
  • To guide the development of single and combined immunotherapies as clinical response is intimately dependent upon tumor immune microenvironment status. 
HalioDx designs and develops a unique range of immune scoring tests, whose first-in-class product is Immunoscore® Colon.
Considered a future diagnostic standard in oncology, this biomarker has already demonstrated its strong prognostic value in colorectal cancer and is available as the first standardized immune-based assay for the classification in Colon cancer. More info

Team & facilities

HalioDx has an experienced team of more than 100 employees, a CLIA-certified laboratory and compliant facilities to develop, manufacture, register and market in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products. HalioDx executes biomarker studies and companion diagnostic assay development in conformity with regulations and in partnership with biopharmaceutical companies.

Key Dates

  • 09/1999: Creation of Ipsogen with a focus on blood cancer molecular diagnostics
  • 06/2008: Ipsogen Listed on the Paris Stock exchange
  • 07/2011: Trade sale to Qiagen, Ipsogen become Qiagen Marseille
  • 10/2014: Inception of HalioDx by the former Ipsogen management joined by Jerôme Galon a pioneer of integrative immunology and oncology. The new formed company focus on immuno–oncology diagnostics
  • 03/2015: HalioDx acquire assets of Qiagen Marseille, raise 8.5M€ with VC’s and in-license a comprehensive portfolio of biomarker and technologies, created by Inserm Transfert on behalf of Inserm, AP-HP and Paris-Descartes University, in the immuno-oncology area
  • 07/2016: HalioDx launch its first assay : Immunoscore® Colon
  • 11/2016: HalioDx launches Halioseek™ CR (PD-L1/CD8), a new assay toward precision immunotherapy
  • 01/2017: HalioDx launch its first CE-IVD assay: Immunoscore® Colon
  • 02/2017: HalioDx launches Halioseek™ PD-L1/CD8, a qualitative IHC-based assay intended for the detection of PD-L1 protein in NSCLC